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Raymond Mhlaba Research Unit for Public Administration & Leadership

  • To provide research, consultation and training services aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the national, provincial, and local public administration. These services are aimed at assisting government to improve the socio-economic and political conditions of the peoples of the Republic, and thus to ensure that the service delivery standards of government is on a par with international standards.
  • To improve leadership and managerial skills and capacity of our political representatives and senior public servants so as to assist them in meeting their constitutional mandates.
  • To improve the skills and capacity of  government practitioners so as to provide professional services to improve the quality of people’s lives.
  • To provide research services for government aimed at bringing efficiency to public policy implementation.
  • To research and dialogue with the South African communities through the media [SABC radio] on matters of governance, development and service delivery.
  • To serve as a platform that constantly interrogates the development direction of the provincial government and our 45 municipalities in the Eastern Cape Province.  
  • To encourage and promote collaborative and participatory research amongst institutions of higher learning, NGOs, Research Institutes and other individual researchers on socio-economic issues pertaining to the Eastern Cape with specific emphasis on rural development.
  • To facilitate discourse of ongoing inter-disciplinary development-oriented debates on matters of socio-economic and political concern to the Province.
  • To stimulate the development of pro-poor inter-sectoral programmes aimed at ensuring that the people of the Province are economically liberated.
  • To assist in strengthening local democracy through engaging in partnerships with research and human resource development institutions on capacity building, and through people’s participation in sustainable development processes.